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Sponsorship is a connection between two persons where a sponsee can share his feelings and addiction related problems to find out positive results. However a sponsor could be one who has at least two or three years of sobriety and has been through 12 steps of AA. When I came to the program of AA . I didn’t know how the sponsorship part would work for my recovery. According to me, a sponsor could be the person who brings you to the program of AA. I got introduced toa treatment facility called “Bolister” when I Was in the peak period of my addiction.

One day I was sitting alone in a treatment facility and my mind was running like a storm. At that point, I thought nobody could understand my problems of recovery. After discharge from the treatment facility how can I stay sober If I have nobody to talk to. With whom I can share my addiction issues. Therefore when I realised that I must need a person to talk to on a consistent basis about my recovery so that I can express my feelings, emotions and problems. Moreover rather than having a battle going on within my mind. I decided to make a sponsor who is always helping me out on the journey of life. I made a sponsor who is caring and loving.

Somehow my self- will decisions never come up with positive results so I decided to take the guidance of my sponsor. Infact, One recovering alcoholic helping another alcoholic became an important part for my recovery. I always use to have a conversation with my sponsor when I am surrounded with a bunch of troubles. During my addiction period all I knew was that I do drugs to isolate myself. You know, coming to the program of AA and admitting the first step which says, “we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable” became the solution to most of my addiction problems. Even though fellowship of AA is the group of people who are walking with me always to help me stay sober. But sponsor is the one with whom I can discuss all of my addiction related and even life problems too. A tough sponsor is the one I have today who never let me down and listen to my problems in a serious manner. I have been to the treatment facilities a bunch of times but it never worked for me because I had not made any kind of effort and even not sponsored to stay sober. But today my sponsor is helping me out with various troubles of life, even with addiction related. You know, sponsorship is the key point of my recovery and sobriety today.. My sponsor is the one who knows all my past history of addiction and without.

However I know that without the help of a sponsor I will never be able to survive in my life. Moreover my sponsor is vital for me to introduce me to various programs of recovery such as 12 steps, stepwork meetings and guidance through the big book. When I turn over myself will and life to the care of god . Then I became willing to write down the personal inventory and make amends to the people I had harmed. I am always honest to my sponsor in every perspective. For the first time in my sober life I have a true friend to whom I am rigorous honest which is my sponsor. Everytime I am in trouble I call my sponsor and without exception he is willing to help me out. Even though sponsorship is a great part of my life today. Even though I have a tough sponsor, he makes me learn new things out of his experiences. Today 3 years of sobriety is a big achievement for me and it is just because I have a good relationship with my sponsor.

When I had gone through my step 5 , I was rigorous honest to my sponsor and I shared the true facts of my addiction. I admitted my wrongs. All I know today is that understanding and positive communication with my sponsor on a regular basis is the solution to all of my problems . Before coming to AA, I had no true relationship with anybody. But today I have my sponsor for whom I am grateful. My sponsor is always so concerned about my recovery and goes through 12 steps once a year. For me, sponsorship played a very crucial role in my recovery !. I believe if I had no sponsor who could understand my addiction, I should have not been sober for 3 years. However, fellowship is very important for me as well as my sponsor. At the end, now I am planning to sponsor a newcomer. I know it will be difficult for me to stay sober if I don’t give back what is offered to me when I come to the doors of AA. Responsible sponsor is the one who understands me and is able to focus on my weak points rather than ignoring them. Thank god I made a sponsor. Otherwise for me, it would be hard to stay sober on my own. I want to offer the same guidance as I have gained from my sponsor so that the newcomer’s life could become wonderful and he can achieve the positive goals in their life.

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